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Gröna Villan
Utbildningscenter Autism samt kursledaren Therese Waldenborg
för en mycket givande utbildning!

Utbildningscenter Autism
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leg. Psykolog Bo Hejlskov Elvén

    Hantering av problemskapande beteende
Datum : 25-27 april 2017
Ort: Trollhättan

Normal is way overrated!


Normal is way overrated!

I have a problem with the terms “normal people” and “typical development”. Normality suggests that “everything is normal” (i.e. corresponding to being within a wide or narrow range of scores or features for everything that you can possibly think of to measure, such as attention, sociability, impulsivity, empathy, intelligence, motor skills etc.).

Typicality presupposes that there is such a thing as typical development. Is there? I cannot remember ever coming across a completely normal or typical child (or adult for that matter).

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